Critterz specialises in cat grooming in Northampton. Lisa is a fully qualified cat groomer, trained at Animal Magic in Colchester. All cats are given a FREE health check, the price of grooming also includes nail clipping and pad trimming (if tolerated) and ear and eye cleaning. Lisa is experienced with many different cat breeds.

Cats can be bathed or freshened up as required.  Grooming is essential to keep your cat in tip top condition. It also helps to alert the owner of any skin or health problems which are noticed whilst grooming. Grooming not only stimulates the circulation in the cats skin, it also helps to minimize hairballs by removing loose hair. It smooths the fur down to insulate the body more efficiently, and stimulates glands at the base of the hairs which waterproofs the coat.

We DO NOT sedate any cat, unlike vets who then charge upwards of £100!

Please note we WILL charge cancellation fees, these will be added on to your next groom.  Less than 48 hours notice and you will be required to pay the full amount of the missed groom. No Shows are charged at the FULL cost of the groom. 


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