Lisa is a Creative pet groomer in Northampton. Creative pet grooming is the next big thing in the UK. It is already a huge trend in america. Creative grooming is only carried out on dogs who are comfortable with the process. Creative grooming can include the application of semi permanent dyes,wash out colour/gels, ribbons, bows. feathers or even diamontes .It can be as subtle as having plaits in your pets hair.

No animal is harmed during the process and we only use pet friendly non toxic products recommended by leading industries. We will not add colour to dogs that have pre existing skin problems.

Get creative with your pet, let Critterz create something outstanding while grooming your favorite pet and really get people to take notice. Whether it be painted nails or a crazy pink tail. There is a charge for creative grooming on top of your normal groom, price varies with the type of work required.

Please note we WILL charge cancellation fees, these will be added on to your next groom. We charge 100% of the cost if we don’t get a minimum of 48 hours notice.




Lisa came 2nd when competing at a creative grooming competition with her own Pet Esme, who thoroughly loved her day out.