Welcome to Critterz Grooming , Lisa understands that our dogs are treasured members of you family, when you bring your dog to Lisa at Critterz Grooming, she will treat them as one of her own. They will get one to one attention and plenty of love, cuddles, play time, or even a snooze. Their are no cages or hold pens at Critterz Grooming so your dog is free to roam around before and after its groom. Lisa has lots experience with lots of dogs that are nervous, or have had bad grooming experiences, and can always get extra advice from her Partner Nathan Watson who is a Dog Behaviourist on the best way to help the dog begin to relax. The dogs are never rushed or pushed to far, if a dog doesn’t tolerate and aspect of the grooming Lisa will inform the owner and explain the best way to go forward with future grooms to enable the dog to gradually get used to the area it is uncomfortable with. Lisa loves to work with owners to help dogs overcome their problems with being groomed and turn it into an enjoyable, relaxing experience. 

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Spa Services

We are beginning to add some spa services to our normal grooming regime. We have Critterz handmade paw scrub and Paw/nose balm. Both are free from all nasty chemicals and lovingly handmade by Lisa.

We are currently awaiting the delivery of Madra Mor Mud for dogs.  Madra Mor mud is designed to Cleanse, protect and rejuvenate you pooch, formulated by a a natural and organic chemist with a background in immunology. Nourish, strengthen,  rejuvenate, cleanse, protect and relax with one of the Madra Mor treatments.


Madra Mor Mud Treatment



Please note we WILL charge cancellation fees, these will be added on to your next groom.  Less than 48 hours notice and you will be required to pay the full amount of the missed groom.

Please note we do not take dogs that weigh over 35kg

December: 50% non refundable, non transferable deposit required before your booking is secure.