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Critterz now offers ultrasound dental cleaning.

It is estimated that by the time a dog is 2 years old, 80% are beginning to show signs of oral disease.

May require you to get consent from your vet if we suspect there may be any issues that need to be checked before Emmi-Pet is used on your dog. Not a substitute for veterinary dental care, loose, broken, infected gums and decayed teeth will need to be treated by a qualified vet.


How it Works

  • Motionless cleaning (no brushing, less irritation to gums) No abrasive particles (RDA value = 0) therefore, no damage to the enamel or gums.
  • Up to 96 million air oscillations per minute (pleasant “micro-massage”)
  • Cleans via implosion of micro-bubbles (in the toothpaste), even within the smallest cavities, fissures and gingival pockets, penetrating 12mm into tissue and areas where bristles cannot reach and helps removes discoloration.
  • Breaks down bacteria and gives deep and lasting protection ,  the antibacterial effect of ultrasound removes the plaque and tartar so inflammation cannot occur . Emmi-Pet also helps to activate the blood flow in the gums to support the healing process.
  • It has a therapeutic effect, i.e. when a dog develops an inflammation around the tooth/gums,  within a few days the inflammation can be reduced or cured by breaking down bacteria which cause the infection.


Initial Session

For the first session you will get a toothbrush included in the price. You may be required to purchase another toothbrush at £5 once it needs replacing due to the Piezo chip loosing effectiveness. The initial session takes a little longer as we like to do some desensitisation and positive reinforcement with the dogs to enable them to be comfortable with the process.


Following Sessions

Following session are for maintaining the dogs oral health and help prevent dental issues/tatar in the future. These sessions will also be used to help ideantify and potential problems that may be occurring with your dogs dental health.

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Please Note

Critterz Grooming can not be held responsible for any underlying issues that may be discovered in the course of Emmi-Pet treatment. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of treatments and make no claims, especially if the advised dental hygiene frequency is not maintained.


 Pricing (Approx)

Exiting Grooming Clients:

1st Session £25

Following Sessions £15

Tatar Prevention £10


Stand Alone Service:

1st Session £30

Following Sessions £20