Lisa`s Qualifications and Training

Lisa has handstripped dogs during her level 2 City and Guilds Training. In addition to this Lisa has attended Handstrip training with Jitka Krizova. Jitka is a member of English Groomers group representing the Handstrip class. Lisa also attends regular grooming seminars and shows. Lisa has attended a days Spaniel Handstripping workshop with hands on grooming at Jitka`s salon. This workshop was run by Mike Wildman on of the top UK Spaniel handstrippers. Lisa came reserve debutant at Premier Groom 2013.


Lisa won Reserve at Premier Groom 2013 with a Handstrip Border Terrier
Lisa won Reserve at Premier Groom 2013 with a Handstrip Border Terrier


The Handstripping Process

Handstripping means pulling out the dead/blown outer coat of wire haired breeds, rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows the new “HARSH” wire coat to grow through. Sometimes when handstripping is done their can be thin or bald areas where the new coat has not yet come through, this is perfectly normal and the coat will begin to grow through and you will get a nice coat on your dog. I find that alot of the time dogs find it relaxing to be handstripped, as you can see below some even fall asleep on the table!

28167784_783141855215529_3913594986520323598_n       Spaniel Handstrip     29216517_793281650868216_5875091111432683520_n


Why Handstrip?

Handstripping maintains the correct wire coat, if you start to clip a wire coat then it becomes fluffy and can alter the colouration. If you clip a coat that should be handstripped, then you are in fact leaving that dead hair blocking the folicle and preventing any new hair from coming through. Leaving this hair blocking the folicle can sometimes lead to skin problems for the dog.


Does it Hurt my Dog?

NO , if done correctly then the handstripping process does not hurt your dog. There are on occasion some dogs who dont like the process as it can take alot longer than a clipped coat groom, in these instances if they do not tolerate being handstripped then it would be best to clip the coat.


Can all Wire Breeds Be Handstripped?

Sometimes castrated/neutered dogs can not be stripped.

Elderly dogs may not be suitable for stripping as it can take a long time and they may get fed up.

Some dogs with skin complaints may not be able to be handstripped.

Some may not have the correct coat for handstripping.