Firstly I have no set price list as each pet is completely unique and has their own individual requirements, I always get asked is How much will…… be?”. Now their is no one answer to this question. It is almost impossible to say how much a groom will be without seeing the pet. As I say each pet is unique and even within breeds size can vary, along with behaviour, coat type, disabilities, health problems, the level of dirtiness, the time its been since last groomed, as well as many other factors.

I am strictly a 1 to 1 groomer with no cages or cabinet dyers in the salon, so your pet gets my sole attention for its entire groom. I also only use Natural, no parabens, no SLS shampoos and conditioners which are more expensive than the majority of the normal grooming shampoos. This is because I only want the best for my clients.

What I have to Consider For Each Pet

  • Which Shampoo Do I need to use
  • How many times does it need shampooing
  • Will it be ok using the hydrobath or do I have to wash it manually
  • Do I need to use conditioner
  • How much water will I use
  • How long will it take to dry
  • Will the dog tolerate the blaster or will I have to only use stand dryers
  • When was the dog last groomed
  • Does the owner need “homework” to help the dog tolerate the grooming process
  • Is the dog likely to fidget/bite
  • How much grooming do the owners do at home
  • How long will the dog take to clip/Scissor
  • Does the dog need any de knotting
  • What type of finishing/styling products need to be used

What You get Included In Your Dog Groom

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner If needed
  • Drying
  • Sanitary areas Clipped
  • Pads Clipped out – if needed
  • Trimming/Clipping of the main body
  • Nails Trimming
  • Ears Cleaning
  • Basic Health Check

Please note we do not express Anal Glands. The Vetenary Surgens Act 1966 states that ” The EXTERNAL expression of anal glands again was now classes as “Treatment” and should only be carried out under Veterinary assistance”.  In addition to this we are not allowed to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal as stated in the Animal Welfare Act 2007. This means if your dog is matted/knotted (and takes longer than 10/15 minutes to dematt) then I am required by LAW to clip it short to get underneath the mats, or send you to the vets to have this done. 




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